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Seth Kellogg's Birds of the Air: May is here and the fun begins

May is when the remembering ends and the fun begins. The memories of earlier months of May had already faded, wilting in the cold winds of fall and winter. Now the mind is flooded with anticipation, hoping the new spring would bring back the birds soon.

How Climate Change Affects Horses – And How to Tame It

The causes of climate change may be hotly debated, but there's no debate that climate change affects animals, sometimes drastically. Understanding how your horses may be affected by climate shifts can help you be better prepared to keep your horses safe and comfortable in new weather conditions.

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How to Fertilize The Lawn | Apply Lawn Fertilizer

How to Apply Fertilizer to the lawn = these are basic spreading techniques that will help you when you apply fertilizer and other materials to your lawn. The keys to proper application are:

1) Broadcast Spreader
2) Consistent walking speed f 3.5mph
3) Start with a trim pass around all the edges
4) Walk the grid and throw material back to the wheel tracks of the previous pass.Of course, always clean up materials that got onto driveway, sidewalk or other non-target areas.

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