• Bonide Weed Beater Ultra Concentrate

    SKU: 912134

    The Ultimate Systemic Broadleaf Weed Killer In Lawns, Is Very Effective On Over 200 Hard To Kill Weeds

    It Kills Right To The Roots With Visible Results In Just 24 Hours

    It Becomes Rain Fast Once Dry

    Performs In Both Warm and Cool Weather Down To 45 Degrees

    Can Re-Seed Treated Areas Within 2 Weeks

    Made In The Usa

  • Little Giant 10-Frame Complete Beehive

    SKU: 052832 Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: HIVE10

    The Little Giant® 10-Frame Complete Beehive is pre-assembled for easy set up and use. The Complete Beehive includes: telescoping outer cover, vented inner cover, 10-frame 9.5 inch deep hive body, 9.125 inch wooden frames with wax-coated black plastic foundation, screened bottom board, mite grid and entrance reducer.

    - Bees sold separately.

  • Pro Broadcast Spreader with Rain Cover

    SKU: 068003 Manufacturer: Precision Model: SB4000PRCGY

    This Precision Pro Broadcast Speader features a rain cover to help keep things running as smoothly as possible!

  • Soil Doctors Pelletized Gypsum

    Manufacturer: Oldcastle Stone Products

    Soil Doctor's Pelletized Gypsum repairs soil and pet damage. It's great for roses and tomatoes! 

  • AllynDale Lawn & Garden Pelletized Lime

    Compaction and the presence of moss plants are signs of soil acidity. Grass likes a neutral soil pH. You can solve this problem by liming your soil. If your lawn has been doing fine and shows no signs of suffering from acidity, don't apply lime. Liming is only a corrective measure, not a preventive measure. (40lb. bag)

  • Soil Doctor Pelletized Lawn Lime

    This easy to spread, fast-acting pelletized lime is essential for healthier green lawns. This produt enhances fertilizer effectiveness and supplies Calcium and Magnesium to your plants. (40lbs.)

  • Beefsteak Tomato Seeds - Easthampton Location Only

    Manufacturer: New England Seed Co

    (12 oz.) Extra large, meaty and ribbed deep-scarlet fruit. 90 days. 9,000-11,000 seeds/oz.

  • Fafard® Sphagnum Peat Moss

    Manufacturer: Foss

    Fafard® Sphagnum Peat Moss is comprised of 100% Canadian sphagnum peat moss, the best all-purpose natural soil conditioner. Mix liberally with garden soil to improve water retention and aeration. Peat most is particularly suited to acid-loving plants and can slightly lower the pH of alkaline soils.

  • Cal-Turf Pro™

    Manufacturer: Oldcastle Stone Products

    Cal-Turf Pro™ is more effective than limestone in rasing soil pH. They begin to neutralize soil acidity immediately, resulting in soil pH increases that can be measured in weeks rather than months. Cal-Turf Pro™ allows lawn applicators to use 75% less product; saving your time, labor, transportation and storage. Cal-Turf Pro™ are formulated to contain a chelating agent and limestone within every pellet.

  • Premier Pro-Mix BX

    Manufacturer: Premier Horticulture Inc

    PRO-MIX BX BIOFUNGICIDE™+MYCORRHIZAE™ is a general purpose peat-based professional growing medium suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants and transplanting applications.PRO-MIX BIOFUNGICIDE™ + MYCORRHIZAE™ you get the protection of a high-quality biofungicide working in synergy with the growth enhancement qualities of  the only 100% contaminant-free mycorrhizae available in the market, MYCORRHIZAE™Premier Tech .

  • Estate Broadcast Spreader

    SKU: 197152 Manufacturer: Earthway Model: 2050P

    High volume 1,900 cubic inch capacity hopper will hold up to 80 lbs of fertilizer. Ev-n-spread three-hole drop system. Super-duty gearbox. Comfort grip foam handle. Large 10 pneumatic wheels for easy rolling.

  • Surespray Poly Sprayer, 2 Gallons

    SKU: 133878 Manufacturer: Chapin Home and Garden Family of Sprayers Model: 20010

    Poly/plastic sprayer with a curved 12 wand and clear reinforced hose. Patented anti-clog filter found only in your chapin sprayer. Large opening for no mess in mixing and cleaning; on-board measuring cup. Translucent bottle for ease of checking fluid level.

  • Sevin Bug Killer Spray Ready To Use

    SKU: 353002 UPC: 613499020024 Manufacturer: GardenTech Model: S2002

    Kills over 100+ insects. Consumer choice as the diazinon replacement. Simplest general insecticide for consumers to use eliminates the fear of mixing chemicals. Widest usage label. Low toxicity. Long residual.

  • Milky Spore Spreadable Mix

    SKU: 374623 UPC: 699064800802 Manufacturer: St. Gabriel Organics Model: 80080-P

    An all-natural, Japanese Beetle grub control. Once applied, milky spore can last up to 20 years. Targets and discriminately works to attack the white grubs of Japanese Beetles. Does not harm beneficial insects, man or animals.