• Wall Entry Dog Door

    Manufacturer: PetSafe

    Imagine a pet door installed behind a couch or in a utility room. The Wall Entry Door can be installed in interior or exterior walls or doors 4-3/4" to 7-1/4" thick, including siding, stucco, and even brick. Add an extension tunnel for deeper walls. This pet door features 2 flaps, one in the inner frame and one in the outer frame, for improved energy efficiency.

  • Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews, 7"

    Earth Animal's No-Hide Chicken Chew is a long-lasting, 100% digestible chew, created for your dog’s enjoyment and your own peace of mind. The chicken has been carefully rolled, cooked, and uniquely dried for a one of a kind chew your dog will love!

  • Circle T Rustic Leather Round Collar

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

    Rustic Leather collars and leashes have a classic western look and vintage design. This quality guaranteed product features antique brass metal hardware and hand-crafted luxurious leather. The rich and supple leather is durable, tough and functional with timeless appeal!

  • PolkaDog Bakery Bulk Cod Skins Dog Treats

    At Polkadog Bakery, they're all about locally-sourced, made-in-the-usa, limited ingredient natural dog treats. Their super duper Cod Skins are no exception. The Cod they use to make these crunchy sticks is caught in season by local fishermen on small boats from Maine to Cape Cod to Alaska. They then hand-roll and slowly dehydrate each skin in their South Boston kitchen to create this savory, healthy treat. (Jar not included)

  • Native Level 4: Chicken Meal & Rice Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Recommended for performance canines of all breeds in extreme conditions and during competition. Level 4 has maximum energy levels to ensure weight maintenance during times of intense stress in dogs of all ages.

  • Native Level 3 Puppy: Chicken Meal & Rice Puppy Food

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Formulated to provide the extra energy required for developing puppies and pregnant or lactating mothers with higher energy needs. The unique small kibble is specially designed for easy consumption by small and toy breed puppies.

  • Native Level 2: Chicken Meal & Rice Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Recommended for performance canines of all breeds with some normal activity levels and periods of vigorous activity that struggle to maintain weight when working regularly. Level 2 is suitable for puppies and pregnant or lactating mothers with normal energy needs.

  • Native Level 1: Lamb Meal & Rice Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Features a lamb formula and is recommended for large breed performance canines, those with lower activity levels, or those that maintain weight even when working regularly. Level 1 is also suitable for large breed puppies where there is a need to avoid rapid growth.

  • Native Level 3: Chicken Meal & Rice Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Recommended for performance canines of all breeds with elevated activity levels and periods of vigorous activity that tend to lose weight when working regularly. Level 3 also provides the extra energy required for puppies and pregnant or lactating mothers with higher energy needs.

  • Total Release Flea Fogger

    SKU: 119376 Manufacturer: Bonide

    Total Release Flea Fogger kills adults and pre-adult Fleas, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Ticks, Spiders, Ants, Deer Ticks and more. The powerful formula lasts for up to 7 months. It's waterbased for no stains and an easy clean up. Each 6 oz. can treats up to 6,000 cubic feet. 

  • Spree Pet Carriers

    Manufacturer: Midwest Homes for Pets

    New SpreeTM Pet Carriers by MidWest Homes for Pets are a fun and fashionable way to travel with your small pet. They're perfect for cats, small dogs, and other small mammal pets. They have all the amenities you want in a plastic carrier including excellent ventilation, carrying handle, and durability. 

  • Floral Paradise Pet Bed

    Manufacturer: Midwest Homes for Pets

    Quiet Time Pet Beds are made from ultra soft synthetic sheepskin and have a cushioned cotton base with comfortable Polyester filled bolsters. They are great for use in carriers, vehicles, and more!

  • Fruitables Chewy Skinny Minis Watermelon Dog Treats

    Open a bag of Fruitables treats and you will immediately smell the difference. These limited ingredient recipes are made so fresh you can smell the difference.

  • Grizzly Liquid Joint Aid for Dogs

    Help maintain your dog’s joint, cartilage and connective tissue structure and function with Grizzly’s new Joint Aid! The liquid formula’s proprietary inclusion of wild Antarctic krill oil assists in the digestive absorption of the active joint ingredients while enhancing palatability.

  • Vet Dogs Red, White & Blue Dog Toys

    Manufacturer: Ethical Pet Model: 3008PW

    Purchase any of the shown Red, White & Blue Series dog toys to help provide assistance dogs to disabled veterans.

  • Chuckit! Water Skimmer Dog Toy

    SKU: 012142 Manufacturer: Chuckit! Fetch Games

    Pick up this great water toy for your dog! It's a great rugged and sturdy toy for water play. Just aim for the water and your dog chase it as it skims across the top of the water.

  • Guardian Gear Aquatic Pet Preservers

    Model: ZM954

    Guardian Gear® Aquatic Pet Preservers are high quality dog life jackets that are great for keeping pets safe in and around the water. Each pet preserver is made with two layers of flotation material and features quick grab handles for easy water rescues.

  • Darford Mega Bones

    Give your Canine Companion a delicious treat! Darford Mega Bones are a perfect reward. Westfield Feed & Easthampton Feed carries a variety of flavors to choose from!

  • Fresh Breath Drops

    SKU: 015274 Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products

    TropiClean’s Fresh Breath Drops keep your pets’ mouths healthy and their breath fresh. Developed with natural ingredients, Fresh Breath Drops help turn bad dog breath into fresh breath while providing essential daily oral care. 

  • Under the Sun Grain Free Dog Food - Lamb

    Manufacturer: Canidae Pet Food

    Under the Sun Grain Free with Lamb, Dog Food is made with farm-raised Lamb - making it rich in protein. It includes farm-fresh ingredients - just like you'd choose yourself! This dog food has no fillers or fractions, only the good stuff.

  • Seresto® Dog Collar

    Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

    An effective, reliable alternative to monthly flea and tick topicals. Slow, continuous release of 2 proven active ingredients kills and repels adult fleas, flea larvae, and ticks on dogs for up to 8 months. Odorless, waterproof Flea & Tick Collars provide uninterrupted protection. Each Seresto collar includes 3 clip-on reflectors to enhance your dog's visibility.

  • Dog Dental Kit - Advanced Oral Care

    SKU: 490702 Manufacturer: Nylabone

    Complete dental kit for dogs with soft bristles angled for easy reach and nylon tips that clean between teeth.

  • Dental Chew Bone

    SKU: 490702 Manufacturer: Nylabone

    Gently rounded dental nubs and bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth plus control plaque & tartar build-up.

  • Company of Animals' Pet Corrector, 50 mL

    The Pet Corrector Stops: Barking, Chasing, Stealing, Jumping Up and Place Avoidance. It works by emitting a hiss of compressed gas to interrupt a dog’s unwanted behaviour. It is used and recommended by trainers and behaviourists throughout the world. The inert gas has no smell, and is totally safe and works on most animals including cats, horses and more.