• North Woods Animal Treats Soothing Paw  

    An all natural, human grade, (of course), healing balm for your dog’s paw pads, nose and elbows. Great for snow, ice and salt roughness, sun burns, or any kind of dry skin.

  • Ethical Pet Extreme All Weather Dog Boots

    Manufacturer: Ethical Pet

    Boots. Use while supervised.

  • Pestell Paw Thaw

    Paw Thaw combines the most effective deicing blend components available, creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and meltdown. Paw Thaw breaks the bond between the ice and the surface area.

  • Gourmet Santa Dog Cookie

    Model: 164

    Peanut butter flavor gourmet cookie from Pawsitively Gourmet.

  • Pet Factory Holiday Super Size Rawhide Bone

    Manufacturer: Pet Factory Inc Model: 90523

    22-23" of Holiday chewing for your pet!

  • FURminator® deShedding Tool for Dogs

    SKU: 026015 UPC: 811794010881 Manufacturer: United Pet Group Model: 101007

    4" deShedding edge designed for coats shorter than 2 inches. Reduces shedding up to 90%. Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your dog's short topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair.

  • Fashion Pet Shearling Brown Pet Sweater

    SKU: 689281 UPC: 660204016629 Model: 751195

    Shearling Dog Coats from Ethical will keep your dog warm and dry in cold and inclement weather. Cozy faux brown suede design includes Sherpa lining and outer stripes, and fancy metal buttons. Completely machine washable for easy cleaning.

  • Pawsitively Gourmet Turkey Dog Treat

    Model: 00205

    This adorable turkey is made with real chicken liver and hand-decorated with yogurt and carob. Pawsitively Gourmet has the most unique variety of baked goods for dogs on the market. All of our treats are manufactured with wholesome, natural ingredients and are baked to perfection in ovens that are specially designed to pull out moisture for a crunchy product that stays fresh for up to 8 months.

  • Darford Mega Gobbler Dog Treat

    Baked Turkey reward with all the fixin's for active and hard working dogs! Slow-baked with all natural ingredients. No corn or soy. All North American sourced ingredients with no added salt or chemicals and no artificial colors or flavors.  7 oz.

  • K9 Explorer™ Reflective Leash with Scissor Snap - 1"

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products Model: 36906

    Reflect your active lifestyle with this 6' flat nylon leash featuring a padded neoprene handle for comfort, unique one-handed scissor snap for ease of use, and reflective stitching for nighttime safety.

  • K9 Explorer™ Reflective Adjustable Collar - 26"

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products Model: 36922

    Reflect your active lifestyle with this upscale adjustable collar featuring polished gunmetal-finish hardware, reflective stitching for nighttime safety, a convenient side-release buckle, moveable D-ring, PVC logo patch, separate ID loop, and easy leash attachment.

  • PetSafe Easy Walk® Harness 

    SKU: 066938 Manufacturer: PetSafe

    The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the Easy Walk Harness makes walking enjoyable for you and your dog. 

  • SpotLit Safety Light

    The Spotlit is absolutely the highest quality dog collar light for its price. It's durable and had a steady and flash mode. Great idea for backpacks too as children wait for an early school bus!

  • Pawsitively Gourmet™ Jack O' Lantern Dog Cookies

    SKU: 163 Model: 291

    Treat your dog for his tricks with these healthy, gourmet, peanut butter cookie treats.

  • Sense-ation™ Dog Harness

    The SENSE-ation™ is our enhanced Front-Connection™ harness. The 1" wide webbing is better proportioned for big shouldered, wide-framed dogs. It is also better for high energy, reactive big dogs. X-Small and Mini harnesses are designed to be used with light weight leashes/snaps (7/16" or 3/8" wide). Retractable leashes are not recommended. Black. All sizes.

  • Redbarn Peanut Butter Filled Beef Horn

    SKU: 018184 UPC: 785184510018 Manufacturer: Redbarn Pet Products Model: 510H02

    Made with real Peanut Butter for irresistible flavor! Redbarn Peanut Butter Filled Horns combine natural horns with our tasty peanut butter filling. A combination that dogs simply can’t resist. Chewing on tough treats promotes dental health and keeps dogs busy for a long time! Made in USA.

  • Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie Dry Dog Formula

    Manufacturer: Natural Balance Pet Foods

    Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® Fat Dogs™ low calorie dry formula is made specifically for overweight adult dogs. Designed to keep your pet nutritionally balanced even though they are eating fewer calories, this diet offers a special protein and fiber blend to help your dog lose weight in a healthy and delicious way.

  • Pill Pockets

    UPC: 591012 Manufacturer: Greenies Dental Chews & Treats

    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Canine Treats are 100% all natural tasty treats with a built-in pouch — ideal for hiding a tablet, capsule or liquid medication — so that most dogs don’t even notice there’s medicine inside.

  • Spectra Shield For Dogs

    SKU: 699003 UPC: 745801011380 Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care Model: 011-1138

    For control of ticks and fleas on dogs for up to 4 months Collar medallion that contains a powerful synergized pyrethroid insecticide that kills adult fleas and all stages of ticks Exhibits very low toxicity to animals and humans.

  • K9 Advantix II Dog Blue

    SKU: 292931 UPC: 724089616425

    New and improved Advantix 2 kills all flea and tick life stages. Prescription-free topical kills fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes. Repels biting flies, ticks and mosquites - common carriers of disease. Prevents eggs and immature forms from developing into adults.

  • Water Wubba

    SKU: 269399 UPC: 035585800110 Manufacturer: KONG Toys Model: WW1

    Water wubba is a fun, playful, water fetch toy. Give to dogs to play with in water and snow play.

  • Greenies Pill Pockets Duck Treats for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Nutro Pet Food

    If you put medication inside something dogs actually like, then giving pills becomes a lot easier. The delicious pocket masks any hint of medicine, making greenies pill pockets a proven stress free pill delivery treat. Some dogs might be highly sensitive to commonly used proteins and carbohydrates often associated with food allergies and skin problems. GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Allergy Formula Canine Treats feature real duck as a novel protein source and pea as a novel carbohydrate source. These all-natural, hypoallergenic treats have built-in pouches to easily hide medication and make pill-giving a positive experience.

  • Opti Neem Flea & Tick Shampoo

    Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products Model: 202115

    NEEM Shampoo is deep cleaning and effective in relieving irritations due to flea and tick bites. Helps remove doggie odor. This high lathering shampoo cleans the dirtiest pets while creating a healthy, shiny coat.  Also used as a de-greasing shampoo.

  • Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs

    SKU: 025378 Manufacturer: Natural Chemistry

    Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs contains natural botanical ingredients that work synergistically with one another to provide effective and natural flea protection. Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs has been proven to provide a residual effect for up to 7 days and is also effective on black flies and mosquitoes.