• K9 Advantix

    Manufacturer: Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products

    K9 Advantix is a spot-on topical application which is applied to your pet on a monthly basis. It stops fleas from biting in less than 5 minutes and kills them before they lay eggs. Helps to prevent the bites that cause itching, scratching, skin odors, and allergic reactions.

  • Healthy Essentials Probiotic Food Spray

    Now there is an easy, natural and effective way to give your dog the benefit of probiotics. Healthy Essentials Vital 11 Spray is the first probiotic food spray for dogs to contain 11 strains of live and viable bacteria. Probiotic Food Spray is a shelf stable liquid spray that does not need mixing or refrigeration. 

  • Deluxe Flea Comb

    SKU: 517283 UPC: 076681004101 Manufacturer: Bradley Caldwell Model: 410C

    This deluxe flea comb has fine teeth to catch and remove fleas and their eggs from your dog or cat.

  • 360 Fountain Stainless Steel

    SKU: 535852 UPC: 729849137059 Manufacturer: PetSafe

    Provides your pets with an enjoyable falling-stream of water. A charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors. Plus it's easy to maintain and disassembles quickly for cleaning! One gallon holding capacity.

  • Gentle Leader Headcollar & Leash

    SKU: 066921 Manufacturer: PetSafe

    Prevent your dog from pulling on the leash and start enjoying walks again. Special harnesses, headcollars, and martingale collars gently discourage pulling.

  • Lupine Dog and Cat Collars

    Manufacturer: Lupine Pet

    From the teeniest of teacups to the largest St Bernards Lupine has you covered with every size range. The versatility of the adjustable collar is endless – with quick drying nylon webbing your dog can take a dip in the river and then take a walk downtown sporting the latest fashion trends.

  • Seresto Flea & Tick Collars for Cats and Dogs

    Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

    With its innovative delivery system, Seresto™ offers a breakthrough in flea and tick protection for dogs or cats for eight months.

  • L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Potato & Rabbit Dry Dog Formula

    L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Potato & Rabbit Dry Dog Formula offers complete and balanced nutrition for all breeds and life stages from puppies to adults. 

  • Zodiac Fleatrol Carpet & Upholstery Spray

    SKU: 599395 Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care Model: 100504139

    Kills fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish Kills flea eggs and larvae for up to 7 months Features a unique inverted applicator for quick and convenient flea and tick control Water-based formula leaves no odor, sticky mess or stains

  • Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit

    SKU: 015186 UPC: 645095001282 Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products Model: 1282

    Kit includes mint gel, quickfinger brush and tripleflex toothbrush. Helps remove plaque and tartar and freshen pets breath, cleaning all surfaces in less time.

  • Country Naturals Farmhouse Blend Dog Food

    SKU: 012945 UPC: 899407001211 Manufacturer: Grandma Mae's Model: 1211

    100 percent free of chicken, lamb, or beef. Healthy animal proteins from pork and whitefish sources. Canola oil and flaxseed oil- ingredients for a healthy skin and coat. Blueberries and cranberries- a source of antioxidants and vitamin e.

  • Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

    Keep your pet warm during the cold winter months with the Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat. Constructed of durable and weather resistant high impact ABS plastic, this mat is thermostatically controlled and operates automatically to maintain your pet's body temperature. Features built-in red indicator light showing when the unit is operating and a heavy-duty anti-chew cord.

  • Pestell Paw Thaw

    Pet Friendly. Pestell Paw Thaw is a safer, biodegradable ice melter that will not harm your pet when used as directed. Fast acting. Paw Thaw combines the most effective deicing blend components available, creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and meltdown. Paw Thaw breaks the bond between the ice and the surface area.

  • Paragon Veggie Ear Dog Treats

    Manufacturer: Paragon Products

    Veggie ears and the rice bones are the vegetable-based alternative for dog owners who prefer not to feed meat-based products as a treat. The realistic shape and color make each of these an interesting treat, while the vegetable starch based composition ensures that they are easy to digest and suitable for almost every dog’s diet.

  • Plato Pet Treats ''Thinkers'' Natural Chicken Dog Treats

    We use only the best all-natural and organic ingredients that will assist in your pets nutritional needs, without any artifcial preservatives, meat by-products or meals. We've also included natural ginkgo biloba to help nourish brain function in your dog.

  • Zack & Zoey Cotton Duck Ranch Coat

    Manufacturer: P&S Sales

    PetEdge Rugged coats for dogs made in the same style as the popular working coats for humans. Tough, cotton duck exterior with a coordinating berber lining for warmth and comfort. Reflective strips on back for visibility and safety.

  • Dental Chew Bone

    SKU: 490701 UPC: 018214812791 Manufacturer: Nylabone Model: NX934P/NX934

    These dental chews are designed to massage gums and gently clean teeth of food particles and tartar. The result is a healthier mouth and fresher breath. Not for strong or powerful chewers. Please refer to the enclosed guidelines for use before using.

  • Natures Own Naturally Shed Elk Antler

    SKU: 007652 UPC: 739598900569 Manufacturer: Best Buy Bones Model: 90056

    Long-lasting, all natural chews. Less likely to chip or splinter than processed bones. Comes from free-roaming elk so there are no antibiotics or hormones.

  • Romp 'n Chomp™ Triple Treat

    SKU: 491363 Manufacturer: Nylabone

    Made from tough durable nylon for powerful chewers. Textured designs provide dental stimulation and chewing satisfaction and features wobble and spin action. Snap in up to 3 Nylabone Mini Souper Treats for added treat time fun!

  • Heated Round Pet Bowl

    SKU: 338273 Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

    Automatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Heavy duty anti-chew cord protector. Economically priced. 1.5 gallon capacity. Measure 11.75 inches in diameter, 4 inches deep. Keeps water in dogs bowl from freezing during the winter.

  • Heated Bowl

    SKU: 335595 Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

    Automatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Sturdy twin wall anti-tip construction. Heavy duty anti-chew cord protector. 1 qt. capacity.

  • Frontline Plus Flea & Tick for Dogs & Cats

    Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim

    Frontline Plus is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for dogs and cats. Frontline Plus kills 100% of adult fleas on your pet within 12 hours and 100% of all ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours. All sizes.

  • Millers Forge Supersoft Slicker Brush

    This brush is designed to remove dead hair, mats, etc. The soft bent wire bristles grasp and remove undercoat. When used regularly this will prevent matting. For use on all small to medium size breeds except for those with very short coats, such as boxers. 5-1/2-inch long. Pad size 4-1/2-inch x 2-inch.

  • Grizzly Salmon Oil™ for Dogs

    Grizzly Salmon Oil™ is derived only from wild Alaskan Salmon. The salmon oil naturally retains its balanced blend of valuable fatty acids and is further protected by adding all-natural Rosemary Extract. It contains inherent antioxidants and traces of vitamins that naturally occur in the salmon. Our all-natural product will not interfere with your dog's intake of vitamins from other sources.