• Bucket Heater

    Manufacturer: Allied Precision Model: 003522

    6 foot power cord, 120 volts rests easily in 5 gallon bucket
    Thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating
    Rests easily in 5 gallon bucket
    Stainless steel guard
    For use in water only
    Designed to safely and rapidly heat water

  • Red Heat Bulb for Brooder Lamp, 250 watt

    SKU: 957771 Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

    Helps maintain animal warmth. Designed to provide enough heat for small flocks. 250 Watt/120 Volt bulb is great for brooding chickens and other poultry. Alloy bulb with non-stick base and 6000 hour bulb life.

  • Blue Seal All Stock 12 Pellets

    Manufacturer: Kent Nutrition Group

    All Stock 12 pellets is a pelleted grain ration for the maintenance of mature cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, donkeys, and mules. All Stock 12 offers a convenient nutritional package for multiple animal species fed good quality hay or pasture.

  • All Stock 14

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    Coarse-textured, general-purpose livestock feeds in a mix of corn, oats, molasses, and pellets.

  • Blue Seal Caprine Challenger Feed

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    A high-protein, high-energy formulation of crimped oats, flaked and cracked corn, pellets, and molasses. This very palatable coarse-textured sweet feed is a highly fortified, fixed-component formula ideal for dairy goats. It features chelated trace minerals for increased mineral bioavailability and yeast culture for increased digestibility.

  • Blue Seal Premium Dairy Goat Pellets

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    A high-protein, high-energy, fixed-component feed designed to maximize production and promote healthy growth. The pelleted form eliminates the chance of goats sifting out ingredients. Premium Dairy Goat Pellet contains yeast culture and probiotics for a more stable digestive tract environment, resulting in improved digestion and overall goat health.

  • Blue Seal Meat Goat Grow & Finish DC Medicated Feed

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    A highly-fortified, complete medicated feed for growing and finishing goats with Decoquinate for the prevention of coccidiosis. The fixed-component formula contains yeast culture for increasing digestibility, ammonium chloride to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi, and chelated trace minerals for increased bioavailability to promote muscle tissue and bone growth. Decoquinate has no withdrawal period.

  • Blue Seal Shepherd 16 Pellets

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Shepherd 16 Pellets are a moderate-energy, 16.0% protein, maintenance plus pellet for mature sheep and for replacement stock where rapid growth is not desired. It is an excellent choice for barren and early gestating ewes.

  • Blue Seal Lamb Finisher Pellets

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Like Lamb Starter-Grower Pellets, Lamb Finisher Pellets are fortified with vitamin E, selenium, zinc, and ammonium chloride with no supplemental copper. In the Northeast, most lambs are finished between April and late June.

  • Blue Seal Lamb BT Pellets Medicated

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Lamb BT Pellets Medicated is a high-energy, highly digestible pellet for lambs from birth to about 75 lbs. of body weight. This is the medicated Lamb Starter-Grower Pellets formula with Lasalocid (from Bovatec®) added at 30 g/ton for the prevention of coccidiosis in lambs. No withdrawal time is required for market lambs.

  • Blue Seal Lamb Starter Grower Pellets

    Manufacturer: Kent Feeds

    Lamb Starter Grower Pellets is a high-energy, highly digestible pellet beneficial for both lambs and ewes. Lamb Starter Grower Pellets contains supplemental vitamin E and selenium to protect against White Muscle Disease, Ammonium Chloride to guard against urinary calculi, and extra zinc to protect against copper toxicity. It is recommended that sheep being fed free-choice should be vaccinated against enterotoxemia. In the Northeast, the peak period for feeding lambs isJanuary through June.

  • Blue Seal® Sunshine Plus™ Supplement

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    A highly palatable and nutrient–rich conditioning supplement containing whey, yeast culture, and probiotics designed to increase performance and feed utilization for animals under the stress of showing, breeding, lactation, and growth.

  • Blue Seal® Hog Pellets

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    An economy hog feed for finishing pigs from 110 lbs to market weight and for adult sows and boars. Hog Pellets may be used where optimum performance is not necessary or desired.

  • Blue Seal® Pork Maker Mash™

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    Formulated for growing and finishing hogs, Pork Maker Mash is fed when a fatter hog is desired. This feed features added Vitamin E, balanced amino acids, probiotics, and chelated trace minerals.

  • Blue Seal® Pig and Sow Pellets

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    A general purpose feed formulated for free choice feeding of growing hogs. Pig and Sow Pellets is enhanced with added vitamin E, balanced amino acids, probiotics, and chelated trace minerals for improved reproduction, growth, and overall health.

  • Blue Seal® Piglets Crumbles Medicated

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    A high-protein crumble formulated for a fast start for piglets. It contains balanced amino acids and oxytetracycline to increase weight gain and improve feed efficiency.

  • Heated Base 125 watt

    SKU: 338605 UPC: 085045001250 Manufacturer: Farm Innovators Model: HP-125

    This electric heated base is used to keep water in metal poultry fount from freezing during the winter.