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Blue Seal Tri-Luxe Rye Blend™ Lawn Seed

Manufacturer: Kent Nutrition Group
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Quick-germinating, wear-tolerant blend of improved perennial ryegrasses that produce a fine-textured, darkgreen appearance. Ideal for overseeding high-traffic areas and bare spots on home lawns, sports turf, and recreation areas. Endophyte*-enhanced for natural insect control.

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Allstar 3 Perennial Ryegrass... .... .... 40% Gator 3 Perennial Ryegrass... .... .... .35% Accent Perennial Ryegrass... .... .... . 25% Seeding Rate: 200 sq. ft./lb. (new lawns) 400 sq. ft./lb. (overseeding) *Endophytes are naturally occurring fungi which live inside the blades of grass and have a repellent effect on surfacefeeding insects.