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Greenies Pill Pockets Duck Treats for Dogs

Manufacturer: Nutro Pet Food

If you put medication inside something dogs actually like, then giving pills becomes a lot easier. The delicious pocket masks any hint of medicine, making greenies pill pockets a proven stress free pill delivery treat. Some dogs might be highly sensitive to commonly used proteins and carbohydrates often associated with food allergies and skin problems. GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Allergy Formula Canine Treats feature real duck as a novel protein source and pea as a novel carbohydrate source. These all-natural, hypoallergenic treats have built-in pouches to easily hide medication and make pill-giving a positive experience.

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Greenies pill pockets treats were designed by vets and experts. It not only helps with the delivery of medication, it also contains vitamins c and e to promote healthy immune systems. Greenies pill pockets come in convenient sizes to match your pill size.