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While Westfield Feed really shines as a pet food store, we are also the place to find feed for your farm animals, wildlife, lawn, garden, pellet stove and gas grill. We are the home for your Westfield Black Squirrel gear, and also carry other locally made goods. We'd love for you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram but you will have to come on in to the store to really see it all!

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Easthampton Feed is truly an old time feed store, and the place to shop for modern day homesteaders. We sell grain for all of your farm animals, hay, straw and shavings; feed and supplies for your household pets; food for the wildlife that you admire and a large selection of organic gardening products. We also fill propane tanks and sell wood pellets, grilling pellets and other energy products. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram but be advised that the best way to really see it all is to stop by and say hello! feed2